About us

We the women

We are women having been hit by iron deficiency over years, and we have been compensating it regularly with iron infusions.

We the women used to suffer from iron deficiency in the past as many other women did – due to our menstruation. We know what it means to be chronically exhausted, to have concentration disorders, to be listless or even depressive or to suffer from dizziness, sleep disorders, headaches and loss of hair.

In Switzerland we could experience to be healed within a few weeks by intravenous iron balance. The supplied iron made our self-healing possible. Finally we got what we have lacked for a long time. Word is getting around real fast – sure in the age of social networks – that iron infusions can lead to a significant improvement of life quality. We will be glad if as many women as possible sign up for the Ironleague and promote iron balance (1152).

We the physicians

We have realized that women and children only dispose of one seventh of a man’s iron concentration thus often suffer from iron deficiency symptoms. Within the past years it became apparent by our work with female iron deficiency patients that most of them can “heal themselves” when being provided with an adult man’s amount of iron. Therefore we introduced the intravenous iron balance in Switzerland. By this, unnecessary medical clarifications and incorrect treatments are eliminated with the result that two aims could be achieved: healthier people for lower costs as well as equality for women concerning iron (www.eisenresolution.ch).