First Ironleague newsletter

Zurich, April 2018

Dear Signatories of the Iron League Petition,

The Ironleague thanks you for the signing of the petition for the preservation of the health insurance obligation regarding the intravenous iron therapy. So far over 1800 people have signed the Iron Petition.

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) is expected to decide later this year whether the necessary iron therapy will continue to be paid by health insurances (as it has been since 1998) or whether women will have to pay for their iv-iron therapy themselves in the future. It is well known that women are the main victims of iron deficiency because they regularly lose iron as a result of menstruation.

Dear women, the time has come for mobilization. We have to make sure that the FOPH will decide in favor of women, because there is no reasonable scientific reason to assume that women’s metabolism requires less iron than men’s. The Ironleague joins the Swiss Iron Health Organisation SIHO in stating: Women need as much iron as men to live without symptoms of deficiency! In order to achieve this goal, intravenous iron balancing is needed.

The Ironleague is grateful when as many people as possible sign the petition ( Discuss this important issue in your families, among friends or at work, so that more and more people are becoming aware that discrimination against women because of their menstruation is not a good policy. Help us to reach the critical mass soon, because a discrimination of women must have no place in our modern society.

Your Ironleague / /